New blog title poll!

I’d like to change the title of this blog, so I solicited suggestions on Twitter and Facebook. There were some great ones! Then I held a poll.

# WARNING: public use of this package can lead to social media abuse. 

poll <- tribble(
  ~Title, ~votes,
  "Irregularly Tyre-annical", 2,
  "Tyre Repair", 7,
  "Small things done great", 0,
  "Where the rubber meets the road", 6

ggplot(data = poll, aes(x=reorder(Title, votes), y = votes)) + 
  geom_col() +
  theme_minimal() + 
  coord_flip() + 
  labs(y = "Title", x = "Votes")

Boo. My personal contribution scored 0. Although the winner is “Tyre Repair”1, the sample size is small, and I couldn’t help wondering if there was a statistically significant difference between that and “Where the rubber meets the road”2. This is a blog partly about statistics after all.

mt <- multinomial.test(poll$votes, prob = rep(1/4, 4))
##  Exact Multinomial Test, distance measure: p
##     Events    pObs    p.value
##        816   2e-04     0.0171

But that’s not a terribly interesting hypothesis – it says that my voters care what title I use. What I really want to know is if there is any that beats all the others. I discovered a post-hoc test for for the Exact GOF, essentially testing each category against the sum of the others, and using Bonferroni corrections. So I’ll have 4 comparisons, and thus my p value should be less than 0.05/4 = 0.0125.

pvals <- tribble(
  ~Comparison, ~p,
  "Irregularly Tyre-annical vs. others",  multinomial.test(c(2,13), prob = c(0.25, 0.75))$p.value,
  "Tyre Repair vs. others",  multinomial.test(c(7,8), prob = c(0.25, 0.75))$p.value,
  "Small things done great vs. others",  multinomial.test(c(0,15), prob = c(0.25, 0.75))$p.value,
  "Where the rubber meets the road vs. others",  multinomial.test(c(6,9), prob = c(0.25, 0.75))$p.value

I had to hide the results of that code chunk because package EMT isn’t very nice about output.

Comparison p
Irregularly Tyre-annical vs. others 0.3845
Tyre Repair vs. others 0.0700
Small things done great vs. others 0.0307
Where the rubber meets the road vs. others 0.2285

So, basically none of the individual titles can be ruled out! Hmmm. Maybe I have the wrong hypotheses here.

Well, there was also a great write-in candidate “Entyrely Optional”3, and protests to re-open the polls erupted. So I think I will try again with the top two from the first round plus the new candidate.

  1. contributed by Poet extraordinaire Larkin Powell

  2. contributed by my stellar boss John Carroll

  3. contributed by the inestimable journalist-scientist Kelly Helm-Smith

Andrew Tyre
Professor of Wildlife Ecology
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