Does model averaging make sense?

Brian Cade published a scathing condemnation of current statistical practices in ecology. It promises to be highly influential; I have seen it cited by reviewers already. I agree with a great many points Brian raised. I also disagree with one very central point.

How to read a tab delimited file

The semester long course from Data Carpentry uses read.csv(..., sep=' ') to read tab delimited files. I’ve been using readr::read_tsv() because … well, just because! A student in my data management class (reasonably) had this question: Will both of these essentially do the same thing or are there considerations for using one vs. the other?

What's the best way to implement the logistic model in R?

I’m teaching my population dynamics class using R for the first time. I want the students to use a simple logistic population model to make predictions about how population size will respond to different management actions. So, I need to figure out the best way to implement a discrete time, logistic growth model in R.

Accounting for exposure days

Every year I suggest a student use Terry Shaffer’s log exposure models for nest survival (Shaffer 2004). And every year I spend hours trying to figure out why the code in the help section of ?family doesn’t work. So this year I’m writing it down.

R vs. ArcGIS

A student asked: I never use ArcGIS before. What’s the limitation of R which ArcGis can do but R can’t? And what else R can do in this area except loading area map?

Lists of models in a data.frame

So a couple weeks ago I had a stab at putting a list of fitted models into a data.frame. I didn’t succeed. So, here’s another try.

Happy houR!

Can a combination of purrr and broom can make my approach to multi-model inference easier?

Scaling and Centering

Centering and rescaling covariates is a common task

The sex ratio of chickens

How many hens in a batch of straight run chicks? or How to get carried away answering an email from the public!

The trouble with tibbles

You can use tbls everywhere you use data.frames. Except when you can’t.