Higher Ed

Mental health -- it is important

Awareness of students’ mental health is growing in academia right now. Unsurprisingly, faculty suffer mental illness too, and many do not seek help from their institutions. The fear that disclosure, even to the disability office, will have negative effects on one’s professional career is a common reason for not seeking help.

I don’t understand my students

Really. I have no concept of what my students’ lives are like, and this is something I have to constantly remind myself. I cannot make assumptions about their situations based on my own experience.

Statistics training

This tweet sparked a host of comments about the need for R prep courses, as well as some great gifs! This is my R prep course, with a few other computational skills thrown in for good measure.

Slow Science

I’ve heard a number of calls for faculty to slow down, think, and write. This is the latest, by Allison Adams from Emory University. I’m trying, but it’s hard.