Computer Setup

NRES 803 students will need their own computers set up with R and RStudio by the start of classes


Download and install the R base system. I recommend you use the Rstudio Desktop system to work with the base system. When installing you can accept all the default options.

You should also install package tidyverse. I am providing all the data and some code for the course in a source package NRES803 which you can download from the files link in Canvas. Here is a video showing you how to install packages.

Getting help

The built-in help works well when you know what you’re looking for. For other issues, here is a great list of resources. In this course you can also post questions in the discussion board in Canvas. Please read this description of how to ask a great question.

I also recommend that you install package reprex which makes generating nicely formatted R questions super easy. If you combine it with the browser extension Markdown here!, you can render your R code, paste into the discussion board editing box, click the Markdown Here! button in your browser and boom! All the code nicely formatted, figures are automatically uploaded to and linked in the output. It’s beautiful.

Here’s a video showing you how it works.

Andrew Tyre
Professor of Wildlife Ecology
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