NRES / STAT 803 Week 1

Posting introductions

Go to the course discussion board on Canvas, enter the “introductions” discussion , click “Create thread”, and introduce yourself! What are you doing at NU? Please also post a photograph of yourself. This is mostly for my benefit. Otherwise, we meet on campus somewhere and I’ve no idea why you know me but I don’t know you!

Linear Model Review I

This week you will focus on reviewing the concept of the linear model. This idea is at the core of almost every method we will examine throughout the course, so it is worth reminding ourselves of the basics.

  1. Read Chapter 5 of Analysing Ecological Data by Wednesday, 10am.

  2. View videos by Wednesday, 10 am.

  3. Fitting lines exercise and discussion (Online Wednesday)

  4. Online Friday 2 pm, lab #1, Q&A.

    • Turn in lab #1 on Canvas. Compress the entire project directory and submit as an attachment.
Andrew Tyre
Professor of Wildlife Ecology
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